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OK Folks, here's the big one. I've condensed all of NML (all 80+ issues) into this timeline w/ month and date. I've found plenty of discrepencies in the stories which I've ironed out and I feel strongly that I've gotten everything Post-Assembly correctly placed in terms of when they actually happened. For instance, Nightwing #35-39 took place over a 3 day period in mid-July, not 3 MONTHS as DC would have you believe. It's all here, take your time, read chunks at will. I've really worked hard at this, and I want to know what you all think.
DC has screwed up in a few places. NML #1 doesn't begin until April, for instance, not March. People are in places they shouldn't be. You'll see what I mean. I've noted some of these weirdities, but ask me if you have a question.
Problems? Disagreements? Questions? Please bring them up and I will argue with you as to why I think I'm right. :) I must warn you that there are SPOILERS ahead for the entirety of NML. If you DON'T want the story ruined, then I would break off in December. So check it out. That's my story and I'm sticking to it:


--January 1: Poison Ivy (now having "evolved" a green tint to her pale skin) sets up shop in Robinson Park [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

Detective Comics #729--After midnight: Nightwing and Robin escape Gotham City, but only to find Wayne Manor completely plowed to the ground and Bruce Wayne/Batman still missing [Detective Comics #729].

--Azrael (wearing his new suit) hunts down a world-renowned geneticist (Lade) in order to find Scratch--he is attacked by Scratch's devils [Azrael #50], but discovers where Scratch might be hiding...and then gets hit by lightening which resurrects a new more powerful Azrael inside his latent genes [Azrael #51].

--Circa January 2: Azrael arrives at the Dixon Lake cottage only to find Scratch has moved on to Gotham City [Azrael #51].

--January 7, day: Bruce is hounded by the paparazzi and E! television in Monoco, he takes his frustration out on a punching bag, Huntress is unable to stop the madness of NML, she discovers that no one fears her like they do Batman [No Man's Land #0].

No Man's Land #0--Night: Huntress creates a new costumed persona: "Batgirl" (strikingly close to Barbara Gordon's version), Wayne hates being "Bruce Wayne" and dealing with the fools who inhabit the casinos and bars of Monoco--he allows a group of thugs to beat him up, [NML #0].

--January 8, pre-dawn: badly beaten, Bruce stumbles home to find Talia waiting for him in his apartment--he confides in her that "there's nothing left"--Talia believes Bruce dishonors all that he has fought for [NML #0].

--January 11, night (circa 8:00 PM): Calibax has a woman trapped on a roof (and he's hungry), Nick Scratch makes plans to cross into Gotham (telepathic persuasion?) and Azrael manages to get onto the ferry before it leaves the dock--when they arrive in Gotham, Scratch escapes after some thugs attack Azrael and afterwards Azrael saves the woman (Mitzi) from Calibax by knocking Calibax off the roof (who then escapes into the night) [Azreal #52].

--Mid-January: Alfred enters NML with the intention to wait for the return of Batman--he watches, mapping out Gotham and waiting a "long, long time" for the Dark Knight's return [Legends of the Dark Knight #118], Harley Quinn (former Arkham shrink Harleen Quinzel who fell in love with the Joker before she as committed for helping him escape numerous times pre-NML) searches for and meets up with the Joker in NML [Harley Quinn].

--January 23: Robinson Park is invaded by Clayface who poses a deal with Poison Ivy--the manufacture and distribution of fruit--but she tries to kick him out and, instead, is enslaved [Shadow of the Bat #88].

--Circa January 29: Robin says good-bye to the Spoiler [Robin #62].

--Circa January 30: Tim Drake moves to Keystone City, Robin helps the Flash defuse a hostage situation [Robin #62].

--January 31: Bruce contacts Lucius Fox, asks him to perform a mysterious task, then informs the captain of the plane that there's been a "change" in the iteniary (probably flying to Bludhaven where Wayne would be able to infiltrate NML), Huntress (in Batgirl costume #2), finds wearing the Bat symbol on her chest carries with it heavy responsibilities [NML #0].


--February 1: night: Bruce Wayne enters NML--the sight shocks him--and goes to one of the satellite Batcaves he built after Bane broke him in order to begin reconaissance over the lay of the land [NML #0], Riddler and Captain Boomerang begin their crime spree in Keystone City two days after their escape by hijacking a blimp and tossing riddles across the city [Robin #63], Harley Quinn makes a hide-out for her puddin, Mr. J and their courtship begins [Harley Quinn].

--A week-long blizzard blankets Gotham [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

--Huntress, after getting spray painted in the face yet again, makes the final version of the new Batgirl costume by hiding her face [NML Secret Files & Origins #1; NML #0].

--Batgirl (Huntress) rescues two people who accidentally stumble into the Joker's apartment [Batman Chronicles #16].

--Alfred helps out in NML, assisting in the birth of twins, aiding those in need of medical attention and emotional support--he tried to fight in Batman's stead [Legends of the Dark Knight #118].

--Batman watches Batgirl for the first time as she confronts Ferak (a living plant creature)--he immediately knows she is really Huntress--but is intrigued to see her playing more by "his" rules [NML #0].

--Batman adopts the new pouch belt and indirectly helps Batgirl (Huntress) contain Ferak in Robinson Park [NML #0].

--The Riddler (captured by Impulse after being released by Arkham) escapes the prison bus he is held on with the help of Captain Boomerang--the two decide to hit Keystone City [Robin #62].

--Late February (the last week): Superman visits Keystone City and helps Flash and Robin dispose of some killer stereos with bombs inside them (while Riddler and Captain Boomerang commit a separate crime) [Robin #63].

--A Tuesday towards the end of the month (we know from this issue that Robin hasn't heard from Batman in months, meaning about two): Riddler and Captain Boomerang roll in their money as they keep Robin and the Flash distracted, but both eventually run into and put an end to their week long crime spree, Spoiler goes into labor [Robin #64].

Young Justice in No Man's Land--Before Robin leaves Keystone City: Superboy and Impulse decide on a moment's notice to enter NML against Batman's wishes--Robin follows them in order to stop them--along the way they encounter Lagoon Boy, Batman helps them destroy the powerful Ferak, and, after getting a stern lecture by Batman they leave NML--but not before putting an end to a plot by Kobra to subjegate NML's citizens [Young Justice in No Man's Land #1].

--Oracle establishes a network of spies enabling her to draw out her map of controlled territories [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

--Two-Face establishes his base at the Gotham City Courthouse with Tally Man as his executioner [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

--The nameless daughter of Cain comes to NML and begins to work for Oracle [Legends of the Dark Knight #120].


--Circa March 2: Spoiler gives birth (about two days later) [Robin #65].

--Circa March 3: Tim Drake's dad and Dana fly home, some of Scratch's devils (who are dying) hold up a Gotham Height's Blackburn Medical Center [Robin #65], Tim Drake's dad decides to move back to Gotham Heights--Robin ends the the hostage situation by taking down the devils [Robin #66].

--Early March: Batman reunites with Alfred--just when he was about to be killed by a brute (after saving some people who were enslaved), the Knight returned [NML Secret Files & Origins #1; Legends of the Dark Knight #118]

Detective Comics #730--Batman decides to take a single solitary crusader approach to rescuing his city (its his oath and his sole responsibility) and uses Alfred as an intellegence gatherer [Batman #563; Detective Comics #730].

--Soon after Batman reunites with Alfred: Alfred tells an allegorical story to some orphans under the care of Leslie Thompkins, that night he and Batman decide to begin recon on Two-Face [Legends of the Dark Knight #118].

--Batman establishes Blackgate as his personal penitentiary with Lock-Up and the KGBeast as temporary wardons [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

--Circa March 17: according to Oracle, the last dogs are eaten in NML [Batman #563].

--Life in NML is revealed: apples are traded for 5 cans of vegetables, Penguin (who may or may not have a secret pipeline to the outside) has established a healthy trading empire (a Casablanca and haven for those who can pay), flashlights are valued over rolex watches, and fresh fruit is sold at auction, Feudalism is alive and well, sectors are controlled by tribes and tagged with marking symbols [No Man's Land #1].

--March 30: Oracle reveals what she has done over the past 3 months (trading sustenence for information)--she lives in Street Demonz territory which is adjacent to Tricorner, where the Blue Boys (GCPD) opperates, and Batman hasn't been in contact with anyone (Gordon believes he gave up on Gotham like everyone else)--but Batgirl (Huntress) is marking out a territory for Batman [NML #1].

--March 31: Rumors that Batman has returned begin to spread (because of the tagging) [Shadow of the Bat #83].


--Circa April 1: the GCPD take Kelso Avenue and Gordon decides to take back all of Old Gotham, including their headquarters (under Loboy rule) and Barbara Gordon's apartment (under Street Demonz rule)--Petit's support is more gung ho than spineless Foley's--Gordon thinks they should start a war between the Loboys and the Street Demonz [Shadow of the Bat #83].

Shadow of the Bat #83--April 2, night: Batgirl (Huntress) rescues two kids from a street gang [Shadow of the Bat #83].

--April 3, day: Gordon and Bock resolve to start the war without a shot, Petit disagrees citing history as an indicator of violant beginnings to struggles [Shadow of the Bat #83].

--Night: a mysterious stranger in disguise (probably Alfred) overhears two men talking about the return of Batman, Gordon and Bock attempt to start the turf war, but are attacked by Street Demonz [Shadow of the Bat #83]--instead, Petit saves Gordon and Bock by shooting the gangers in the back and lead the chasing Demonz into Loboy territory, which promptly starts the turf war [Batman #563].

--April 4, day: Oracle wakes up to find the war raging--estimated 42 deaths [Batman #563].

--April 5, day: both sides begin burning their dead (as a sign of strength) [Batman #563].

--April 6, day: the propaganda begins as the war takes its toll--the gangers try to recuit help from their inhabiants [Batman #563].

--Night: Alfred (in disguise) is forced into attempting to see if mines exist in the Gotham River--Batman shows up to rescue him--they deduce the "boss" of the men is trying to enter, bring something, or someone into NML [Batman #563].

--April 7, day: Batman makes first contact with Oracle to inform her that he's back--when she mentions the tagging (done by "Batgirl"), he goes to investigate [Batman #563].

--April 8, day: the GCPD annex the Street Demonz and Loboy territories and Gordon puts his daughter under his protection--in order to make sure the POW's stay out of GCPD territory, Petit shoots one in the head [Batman #563].

--Night: Batman, investigating the mysterious tagging, formally sanctions Batgirl (Huntress) [Batman #563] and adopts the new language of NML (tagging) in order for the message to be understood [Detective Comics #730].

--Probably April 9: Batman begins to mark his new territory (North Gotham) [Detective Comics #730].

--Circa April 10, day: those who find the marks (Gordon, Scarface) mark over them in disgust [Detective Comics #730].

--Night: Batman attempts to find out where Scarface sleeps in Newtown, but it is ambushed and shot at--he figures out that Scarface controls the bullets in order to maintain order and loyalty [Detective Comics #730].

--Circa April 11, day: a disguised Bruce Wayne does recon in Scarface's Newtown sector--and then attempts to make a deal with Scarface [Detective Comics #730].

--Circa April 12, day: Wayne (disguised) makes a deal with Scarface in order to lure him to his capture (1000 rounds of amunition, etc.) [Detective Comics #730].

--Circa April 13, noon: Scarface and his men are ambushed by Batman--he goes out to "reestablish the Batman myth" and annex Scarface's territory--Rhino and Scarface's men go to work for Batman now [Detective Comics #730].

--Azrael runs into Batman for the first time (huge discrepency here--the issue suggests this takes place around January 12th, but Batman doesn't arrive in NML until February or make his first public appearance until mid-April) and is still trying to hunt down Calibax--Batman tells him to postpone his search for Calibax and Scratch (who, according to Batman, isn't making any trouble) and instead to take down the Joker...hard, Joker kidnaps a kid [Azrael #53].

--Night: Joker is insulted when Azrael shows up to stop his plot instead of Batman--but the Joker escapes when Azrael is forced to save the hostage's life [Azrael #53].

--Circa April 14, dawn: Batman consuls Azrael over the Joker's escape, stating that he believes Azrael made the right decision [Azrael #53]. Night: Batman, in an effort to speak the right language, tags the former Crime Alley sector as his own territory, Scarecrow looks on as people burn books to keep warm [Legends of the Dark Knight #116].

--Circa April 15, day: Father Christian and the Ark Project Refugee Center is introduced as a humanitarian aid for the needy [Legends of the Dark Knight #116].

--Night: rogue gangs separated from Black Maskers raid an old morgue for bullets (Black Mask has by this time gone insane)--one of them, a reformed Mikey, runs into Batman who leads him to the Ark Project and confronts Huntress, the Wreckers decide to make a run on the GCPD, and Huntress learns that Scarecrow is a resident of the Ark Project [Legends of the Dark Knight #116].

--Circa April 16, night: Scarecrow begins working some fear by putting rats in the Ark Project food supply, Father Christian makes a deal with Penguin to store Penguin's arsenal in exchange for food, the effects of NML begin to weigh on the GCPD [Shadow of the Bat #84].

--Circa April 17: Scarecrow begins to sow distrust in Huntress' head, Batgirl (Huntress) and Batman stop Leo and his Facers from stealing a non-existant and booby trapped arsenal stash, Scarecrow finds out that Penguin's stash has been relocated to the Ark Project building fallout shelter [Shadow of the Bat #84].

--Circa April 18: Huntress makes sure Mikey's ex-gang members stay away from him (he's under Huntress' and Batman's protection) while Scarecrow fools Mikey into seeking out his former gangers for help (for protecting the Ark Center)--Mikey gives the gangers guns who promptly shoot him (and Scarecrow certain that the death will drive the Ark Center apart, watches, grinning, from the shadows) [Shadow of the Bat #84], Huntress pleads with Batman for help, who then takes Mikey to the MASH unit near Midtown under the supervision of Leslie Thompkins (who saves his life) [Batman #564].

--Circa April 19: Gordon receives an anonymous tip that Penguin's guns are in the Ark Center, Batman learns from Penguin the guns are in the Ark Center, Penguin sends his boys after the guns, Scarecrow sends Leo's gang after the guns and sends a note to Huntress about the guns--and everyone converges on the Center at once as Scarecrow incites its members to use the guns to defend themself [Batman #564], Penguins men open fire on the ex-Facers--Huntress and Batman attack to rescue the held-at-gunpoint Father Chris as the GCPD watch helplessly, Huntress save Chris and Batman wrecks shop--Penguin's guns are dumped into the harbor, Scarecrow burns his costume, and Batgirl (Huntress) is allowed to enter into one of Batman's satellite caves beneath Arkham Asylum [Detective Comics #731].


Batman Chronicles #17--Batman has "reappeared" in NML (which he considers a lifetime) and has found that its inhabitants have lost all respect for him--he wants to find a way to increase the communication in NML--to show everyone that he's back once and for all [Legends of the Dark Knight #117], somewhere around here, Francine Langstrom's half-bat son is kidnapped [Batman Chronicles #17].

--May 4: meanwhile--the GCPD are engaged in a devestating war against the Wreckers and the Xhosa--Foley continues to spread discension, Gordon strikes up a partnership with an off-page voice (who turns out later to be Two-Face), Batman decides to crash Penguin's big ultimate fighting championship night [Legends of the Dark Knight #117]--he breaks Penguin's nose and accepts Penguin's challenge to face down all his bruisers, the GCPD find that someone (Two-Face's men) has slaughered all of the Wreckers and Xhosa and credited the GCPD (which causes a dozen other gangs to fall into lineŚwe know this is on May 4, or Day 124 of NML because Two-Face admits as much in Detective Comics #739), when Penguin is about to lose through the nose (because Batman is winning the fight) he stops the fighting--Batman saves him, but not before Penguin becomes an instrument of information [Shadow of the Bat #85].

--Circa May 5 or so: Oracle is trying to keep track of the movement of the cult led by Black Mask who all ritually scar their faces now in an effort to reveal their true selves, Batgirl (Huntress) can't prevent the cultists from taking two former Wayne buildings, Batman's truce with Lock-Up and the KGBeast (to hold prisoners in Blackgate) is revealed, Gordon fights with Essen over Batman [Batman #565].

Batman #565--Circa May 5, day: Batman charges Batgirl (Huntress) to protect the last remaining Wayne building (the clock tower where Oracle lives), Foley spouts off at the mouth [Batman #565].

--Night: the cultists attack the clock tower having tortured one of Oracle's agents and invade GCPD territory--just when it looks like the cultists will overrun the territory, Batgirl (Huntress) appears to kick some butt [Batman #565] and Oracle realizes Batman has "replaced" her--Batgirl (Huntress) takes down Black Mask and the mob cultists dissipate after he was utterly defeated, Batgirl disobeys Batman and follows him to Blackgate, Oracle confronts Batman over the new Batgirl, Gordon fights with Essen, and the "courtroom" where Harvey Dent defends clients against Two-Face (with Tally Man as executioner) is first shown [Detective Comics #732].

--Around May 5, night, but after Penguin's nose was broken: Langstrom goes to Penguin (still with a patch across his nose) for help 5 days after Aaron was kidnapped, Langstrom teams with Batman (who "nosed" out the truth from Penguin) to find her child and injects herself with the Man-Bat serum--she rescues Aaron and, after a warning from Batman, flaps away into the night [Batman Chronicles #17].

--Early May: Batgirl (Huntress) can't stop the never-ending gang wars of North Gotham--the cycle of violence continues as a man named "Sarge" refuses to give up his home to the marauding gangers (along the way he encounters Mr. Zsasz, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and the Joker) [Shadow of the Bat #86], Batman #566Superman arrives in NML, shocked at the wasteland--he takes over an abandoned power plant from the clutches of Mad Hatter--and, after confronting Batman, is given 24 hours to "do what he can" before leaving--he is able to bring power back to the #9 power grid and stop Mr. Freeze (who controls the area) before leaving the city (after realizing that the people just aren't ready yet) [Batman #566], a former psychiatrist discovers Batman's identity then, after trying to sell the information to Two-Face (who hasn't gained the iron fist on Gotham he has after "Claim Jumping") is killed by Two-Face (who doesn't want to know the answer) [Batman Chronicles #17].

--Circa May 5 or so: the GCPD confront Batgirl and Gordon tells her to tell Batman to stay out of Tricorner [Detective Comics #733], Azrael continues his search for Scratch, the Joker, and Calibax--in search of food for some starving people, Azrael saves the life of a drowning boy and stumbles onto a dead body, the latest victim of the "Death Dancer", and meets Oracle face-to-face [Azrael #54], Death Dancer continues to kill and Azrael seeks out Leslie Thompkins in the MASH sector of Newtown--he helps her save a patient's life [Azrael #55].

--Circa May 6: Penguin hears word of an outsider bringing goods into Gotham, Batman discovers that NML is more than just a shades of black and white--Batgirl (Huntress) meets with Batman and tells him Gordon's message--Bruce Wayne, disillusioned by the previous day's events and Gordon's message, listens as Alfred tells him a story of his father--in the end Batman makes the right decisions [Detective Comics #733], Azrael confronts and defeats the Death Dancer (saving Oracle's life in the process)--he returns to Leslie Thompkins' to continue to help her [Azrael #55].

--May 7: it's the tail end of the worst winter anyone can imagine--some chose to wait it out, others to plot--Two-Face and Penguin strike a deal that will give Penguin GCPD's territory and Two-Face Batman's [Legends of the Dark Knight #119].

--May 8: Oracle confronts Batman about the new Batgirl (Huntress)--she knows who she really is and doesn't like it one bit and she also has been fed false information by Penguin--but Oracle thinks it's a trap, Gordon and the GCPD decide to take Penguin's territory, but Foley walks out on Gordon, Two-Face pays the KGBeast to break out an ex-Russian telepath called Echo [Legends of the Dark Knight #119].

--May 9: Gordon sends Montoya to make another deal with Two-Face, Batman tells Batgirl (Huntress) to guard their territory and goes to the "trial by combat" Two-Face and Tally Man have prepared pitting Echo against some huge brute [Legends of the Dark Knight #119].

Shadow of the Bat #87--Midnight: Batman breaks up the fight and rescues Echo, but she knocks him unconscious, the forces of Two-Face, Penguin, and the GCPD all move against each other [Legends of the Dark Knight #119], Batman's territory is overrun by Two-Face's hordes and Penguin's men (much more than anyone thought he had), the GCPD are attacking and annexing Penguin's south border, Essen is shot, Echo drugs Batman, Penguin is arrowed through the leg, Batgirl (Huntress) is forced to retreat and Batman's territory is lost to Two-Face who double-crosses Penguin, Gordon strikes Foley [Shadow of the Bat #87].

--4 AM: Batman breaks free from his bonds and returns to find his territory in ruins--fires rage, innocents are dead, and Batgirl has fled [Shadow of the Bat #87; Batman #567].

Batman #567--May 10, pre-dawn: Batgirl (Huntress) watches in secret as Batman buries the last of the dead Two-Face has killed--"I trusted you" is all he says before he disappears to recoup his losses and figure out his next move--it is a devestating blow, one which causes Batman to have to overhaul his entire plans--it is suggested that he goes into seclusion after making a vow to avenge the lives of the innocents and after Batgirl's (Huntress) failure [Batman #567].


--Sometime in June: Hardback Bock amicably splits with Gordon to organize and defend his own neighborhood (the "100 Blocks") under the protection of Batman [NML Secret Files & Origins #1].

Detective Comics #734--Probably somewhere around June 27, day: Oracle's mute agent (after her daily speech lesson) sees the assassin known as Cain following Gordon--she stands in front of Gordon before Cain (who recognizes her as his long-lost daughter) can shoot, Cain drops his sniper rifle, kills two cops, and escapes [Batman #567].

--Night: it's the first appearance of Batman since he began his solitary endeavors--Two-Face has a stranglehold on NML--Batman has Two-Face tied up to his bed--he explains how he has vowed to avenge the deaths of the innocents, Barbara recognizes the symbol her agent has been showing in answer to the who shot at Gordon questions--it's the Mark of Cain, the young girl stops the assassin Cain again as he tries to kill Gordon (flashback: she killed once before, as a young girl) [Batman #567], Batman discovers Two-Face was the one who has hired Cain (his former teacher) to kill Gordon, Batman races to protect Gordon (he sees Cain enter the hallway outside Oracle's apartment where Gordon was) and after the girl rescues Gordon again (by tackling Cain out of an upper story window), Batman rescues the two of them--but then Cain lets his daughter go, Batman must tie up Cain and leap after the girl [Detective Comics #734].

--Circa June 28 or so: Batman "speaks" with the girl and suspects that she is Cain's daughter--he states that he will stop them all--he tracks down Cain, they begin to fight, the girl attacks Two-Face, but does not kill him (instead stealing his silver dollar)--in the end, she "stops" their fighting by appearing between the two of them--Cain (rejected by her) leaves NML [Detective Comics #734].