The following is a Spoiler account of Cataclysm. I have supported my findings with the issue the event takes place in. The events are listed next to the probably day and time they occurred in:


Day One (c. June 13):

--6:19 PM: Jolene Relazzo (seismologist) notes unusual bat activity, appearance of earthlights in the sky (over the past few nights)--finds a shifting of tectonic plates (on a "biblical" scale) running on the faultline through Gotham (after all, they're overdue for a quake, right?). [Detective Comics #719]

--6:48: (10 miles east of Gotham) Azrael notices erratic bat behavior (as he's transporting Bane to Gotham) [Azrael #40].

--6:52 PM: Jared Manx, convicted Blackgate death row prisoner scheduled to be executed at 12:01 AM, argues his innocence to his lawyer and a visiting nun [Blackgate: Isle of Men #1].

--6:54 PM: Manx's lawyer explains they have exhausted all appeals [BIOM #1].

--6:56 PM: Manx prays for a miracle [BIOM #1].

--6:58 PM: Lock-down in Blackgate begins [BIOM #1].

--7:00 PM: Harvey Bullock is cigar shopping at the GC Midtown Mall and Anarky is in its roof, both see Billy Wildman (who Batman was also searching for) and his crew [Shadow of the Bat #73], Catwoman is trying to steal a pair of compact night vision binoculars [Catwoman #56].

--7:01 PM: Azrael lands, meeting Bock and Essen north of Gotham to deliver Bane to them [Azrael #40], Catwoman succeeds in stealing the binoculars [Catwoman #56], Manx prays [BIOM #1].

--7:02 PM: Catwoman enters the elevator shaft to escape with the loot [Catwoman #56].

--7:03 PM: Batman in the Batcave speaking with Oracle about a cop-killer named Bill Wildman when "all hell breaks loose" (a 30 second long 7.6 shock destroying Midtown, Bristol, the Neville section, Highway 61, isolating Tricorner, knocking out power, the Davenport center, and phonelines), Oracle falls over, and is knocked unconscious, Alfred falls into an abyss (trapped under fallen wood in the Batcave), Harvey Bullock and Anarky take cover in a pipe. [Shadow of the Bat #73], Bane escapes from Azrael [Azrael #40], Huntress is trapped in an overturned Avenue D Trolley car (while returning home) [Detective Comics #720], Catwoman is in free fall [Catwoman #56], Spoiler in the Westerbeg Mall [Huntress/Spoiler: Blunt Trauma #1], Arkham Asylum goes into immediate lock-down, but Killer Croc escapes, and helps other inmates (Joker, Riddler, Scarecrow, etc.) to get out of their cells [Batman: Tales of Madness #1].

--Seven seconds later: Harvey Bullock and Anarky begin to rescue trapped citizens, Oracle recovers and leaves to go to GCPD headquarters, and Batman hangs over a deadly precipice by his cape (caught on a rock) [Shadow of the Bat #73]. Lucius Fox listens as phone lines go dead [Batman #553], Catwoman manages to survive her fall [Catwoman #56], Manx escapes from his cell [BIOM #1], Mr. Freeze (in transit when the quake hit) escapes [Shadow of the Bat #75].

--7:04 PM: Gotham's tallest skyscrapers topple [Batman #553], one barely missing crushing Montoya (who leaps out of a taxi in time) [Detective Comics #720], an 80 foot high tidal wave (the first of nine) hits and floods Blackgate [BIOM #1], Spoiler stays to help the wounded [Blunt Trauma #1].

--7:05 PM: The gas and water mains begin exploding, Azrael chases Bane through the broken streets of Gotham [Batman #553; Azrael #40].

--7:06 PM: Gotham's fires rage out of control [Batman #553].

--7:07 PM: The roof of the Police Department splits (while Gordon is on the phone with the mayor) and he is trapped under the fallen bat-signal [Batman #553], Manx frees most of the trapped inmates before they drown [BIOM #1], Joker et al. decide to have a story competition to see who gets to kill the last remaining guard [B:TOM]

--7:12 PM: Azrael corners Bane in a bank vault, they begin to brawl [Azrael #40].

--Minutes later: Batman crawls out of the pit he dangles from, locates and rescues Alfred, Oracle regulates in the ruined Police Department building [Batman #553]. Nightwing hears about the quake over the Bludhaven live news report, and begins a ride in a speedboat to Gotham [Nightwing #19], Catwoman helps get wounded out of the destroyed building she was in [Catwoman #56], a riot breaks out in Blackgate, Oracle sends a SWAT team to Blackgate [BIOM #1].

--7:48 PM: Azrael drags an unconscious Bane away [Azrael #40].

--Around 8:05 PM: Bullock returns to the Police Department (about the amount of time to pull a dozen people out of crushed cars with Anarky, who later vanished) and then pulls an iron rod out of his arm. He goes upstairs and pulls Gordon out from the wreckage of the bat-signal. At about the same time, Batman puts his scuba gear on to find another way out of the cave [Batman #553]. Huntress follows a killer who has kidnaped a group of people (from the trolley) through the underground [Detective Comics #720], many Blackgate prisoners (led by the Cluemaster) escape into Gotham [Blunt Trauma #1].

--Leslie Thompkins makes her first appearance caring for the injured [The Batman Chronicles #12].

--The guards get Arkham under order, and discover what was done to the last guard: he is now the Jigsaw Man ("divided up" and saved for later) [BTOM #1].

--8:32 PM: the first aftershock hits--Nightwing saves a group of people from a bus trapped in a fissure [Nightwing #19], Batman trapped underwater and must maneuver through hidden underground streams [Batman #553; Detective Comics #720], Huntress takes down the killer, but leaves him to die [Detective Comics #720], an unconscious Two-Face is rescued by his men, who then leaves them to die [The Batman Chronicles #12].

--About 9 PM: Harold appears to rescue Alfred [Detective Comics #720].

--About 9:15 PM: Huntress arrives at the Westerberg Mall to help the Spoiler and take down Czonka, but Firefly lights things up (only to get the smackdown from Huntress) [Blunt Trauma #1].

--Huntress and Spoiler corner Cluemaster and his mooks in a mall bank--Monsoon attacks, but is taken down [Blunt Trauma #1].

--Cluemaster is chased by Chubbs, a felon he left alive before they entered the mall, in a SUV which Huntress leaps on to stop (Chubbs is toast when he drives off a high story and crashes to the ground) and Spoiler lets Cluemaster escape after being attacked by Ratcatcher's rats (and rather than have him face the wrath of the Huntress, who manages to avoid being killed by the exploding SUV) [Blunt Trauma #1].

--10:03 PM: Batman pulls himself from the harbor and sees Gotham burning for the first time [Detective Comics #720; Shadow of the Bat #74], Robin's plane is rerouted to Bludhaven--he sees Gotham City in flames out of the window [Robin #52], Manx tries to rescue his lawyer and a nun from the rioters and the KGBeast, he is saved by Catman, Batman hears about the Blackgate trouble and maneuvers through a "walkway" caused by the fault to still the riot [BIOM #1].

--About 11:15 PM: Batman arrives at Blackgate [BIOM #1].

--About 11:45 PM: Batman has stopped the Blackgate riot and the SWAT team arrives to mop up.

--11:53 PM: an aftershock, the land bridge crumbles (but 239 escapees, or are dead), Manx (while holding up a huge pillar to prevent it from crushing the nun and his lawyer) tells them to go and admits his guilt [BIOM #1].

--12:01 PM: Batman defeats the KGBeast and rescues the nun and the lawyer, Manx is crushed under the pillar and dies [BIOM #1].

--1 AM: Batman returns from Blackgate (in Shadow of the Bat #74, it says 10 PM, but is more like 1 AM) and begins rescuing people trapped in the wreckage, Robin lands in Bludhaven and steals a motorbike to get home [Shadow of the Bat #74].

--Later: Batman rescues Legs and a few other homeless, Relazzo is trapped in her apartment [Shadow of the Bat #74].

--After the next minor aftershock: two goons, working for an unknown boss, Mo and Dunk, kidnap Relazzo, Oracle has set up a relief center next to the Police Department, Batman makes a deal with Penguin, Quakemaster makes his first appearance, taping a $100 million ransom demand [Shadow of the Bat #74].

Day Two (c. June 14):

--About 5 AM: local criminals (who Wayne enterprises has hired) begin trying to help out those trapped in the wreckage (who think they've been trapped for about 10 hours) [Batman Chronicles #12].

--Robin, having arrived from Bludhaven, begins to rescue people (but before he has checked in with his father) [The Batman Chronicles #12].

--Night: Batman preserves life from the city's fires, while crafty men like the Penguin walk about with other devious inhumane intentions [Batman Chronicles #12].

Day Three (c. June 15):

--About dawn: Nightwing finds Oracle (coordinating the Emergency Services Protocol at the Police Department) is still in one piece, Robin (having arrived from Bludhaven) appears for the first time in Gotham--they all realize no one's heard from Batman since the quake [Nightwing #20].

--About two hours after dawn (or the amount of time for "Detective Hawke"/Batman to rescue two dozen people): Gordon meets with Hawke/Batman, Nightwing and Robin arrive at the remains of Wayne Manor, and a new reporter is handed an "urgent" videotape to play [Nightwing #20].

--About an hour later: the Davenport center collapses, the Quakemaster's tape is received by Gordon, Tim Drake arrives home for the first time in a month, Nightwing lands on the floor of the Batcave to find Alfred and Harold--Alfred says it's been three days since he's seen Batman [Nightwing #20].

--Quakemaster's $100 million dollar ransom tape (shown to Gordon, Bullock, Montoya, and Hawke) says it has been two days since the quake and Detective Hawke/Batman leaps into action [Nightwing #20; Batman #554].

--Minutes later: Batman discovers Relazzo has been kidnaped from her apartment [Batman #554].

--Later: Bruce arrives at the Waynecorp building/shelter to speak with Lucius Fox [Batman #554].

--Evening: Nightwing, Robin, Alfred, and Harold think of a means to hide the open cave [Batman #554].

--About 8 PM: Batman meets with Gordon at night and agrees to "meet" with the ransomers (Mo and Dunk) [Batman #554].

--minutes later: Batman takes care of Mo and Dunk and hands them to Bullock and Montoya for interrogation [Batman #554].

--Night: Catwoman and Bullock (wearing a sling from his injury in the beginning of the story, but takes it off towards the end) successfully defeat Poison Ivy's plot to environmentally poison the water [Catwoman #57].

--An hour after capturing Mo and Dunk (about 9 PM): Batman returns to the Batcave and, having heard the ransom tape, discredits Quakemaster as a phony trying to profit from a natural disaster [Batman #554].

Day Six (c. June 19):

--Just after dawn: Batman and Nightwing prevent Huntress from killing a looter [Detective Comics #721].

--Robin, Bock, Montoya, and Bullock (not wearing a sling), all having played detectives all day, all separately figure out who Quakemaster around at the same time, and deduce his hideout (where Bock is held prisoner) [Detective Comics #721].

--Night (it's dark outside): they rescue Bock and Quakemaster is revealed to be Scarface/Ventriloquist, Montoya and Bullock save Relazzo [Robin #53].

--Nightwing hurries to City Hall, where he rescues Gordon and Mayor Grange who are being held hostage by Quakemaster's goons [Robin #53].

--Batman continues to save trapped people, including a group of ten trapped in a basement (where Batman reveals its been close to a week since the quake hit) [Detective Comics #721; Robin #53].

--The Ventriloquist is taken down (Scarface is "shot") and apprehended [Robin #53].

----Night: Montoya, having searched for her brother Benny, finds him working with Two-Face and other people rescuing trapped survivors [Batman Chronicles #16].

--Around 10-11 PM: Batman, Nightwing, and Robin overlook the devastated Gotham from Wayne tower--a mild aftershock forces them to catch their balance as the story closes [Robin #53].

End Cataclysm