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To place these wallpapers on your desktop, click on them. When they come up in browser window, right click on the picture, and choose "Set as Wallpaper." Have your desktop set to center, and move your icons to the left.

"World's Finest Over Gotham"
This wallpaper was created from the cover to Detective Comics #756. The Batman figure was added from Detective Comics #745. All color comes from the original covers.

"World's Finest Over Gotham" - Version 2.0
If you prefer more color on your desktop, this wallpaper is probably for you. Only Superman and the Bat Signal have been colored in.

"World's Finest Over Gotham" - Version 2.1
For the really colorful, this wallpaper is based on the same art as the previous two, but Lois Lane has also been colored slightly.

"The Dark Knight Glides"
Created from the cover to Detective Comics #745.

"Dark Victory"
Created from the cover to Batman: Dark Victory #1.

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