JYD's Complete Guides to the Gotham Earthquake

From Cataclysm to No Man's Land, the king of the Batman message boards, Junk Yard Dawg has condensed nearly two years worth of Batman comics into three handy guides to help other readers sort out one of the biggest epics in Bat-history. It all starts in Cataclysm! Aftershock and No Man's Land are also available. [Click here]

Chat Transcripts

Back in 2000, when Ed Brubaker was working on his first Batman run, he held two "chats" on the DCMB. Really, it was just a time where he would be on the board for two hours, and everyone was suppose to bombard him with questions. Only two were conducted, and both are archived here. [Click here]

The Devil Starts Ranting

bluedevil2002, webmaster of this site, now has his own column. Each installment of Devil's Ranting will find him ranting about something in general, usually related to comics, and occasionally, he'll tie Batman into it. [Click here]

The Dawg House - Open for Business

The ever lovable Junk Yard Dawg has brought his very popular reviews to this Batman fan site. Originally posted on the Batman message board, the reviews have been touched up, and reformatted for this site. Since there are so many reviews, they will be sorted by series, and entire series will be placed on a page. Also, joining him in the Dawg Pound of Reviews will be bluedevil2002, and other reviewers from the DC boards, giving their own opinions on the best and worst of Batman comics. Those reviews will be in a separate section.[Enter the Dawg House!]

Wallpapers Now Available

Put Batman and his allies on your desktop! These high quality images are now in the gallery for 640x480 resolution screens, with other resolutions coming soon! [Click here]

Welcome to the newest Batman Fan Site!

We are a group of Batman fans who met on the Batman message boards, and realized that between the lot of us, we knew quite a bit about Batman. At this site we will be trying our best to bring you the latest in Batman news, as well as the best in Batman reviews. We'll also be bringing you an intensive cover gallery, as well as many articles about the character voted most popular of the 20th century! Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress, and so there are many areas that have not yet been completed. Both the No Man's Land Cover Gallery and Batman Reviews fan websites will be integrated into this one, and will soon cease operation at their Tripod sites. As you might have noticed, we don't have a name right now, but that will be quickly remedied.

Right now, we'll take the time to introduce you to some of the people who will be making this site possible:
-bluedevil2002, webmaster. He's the one who writes most of the stuff that you read, and is the one who came up with the basic idea, and HTMLed the place.
-The Angry Batman, picture person. He's the guy who will be providing us with a lot of cover scans to get us started.
-Junk Yard Dawg, reviewer. He's bringing his reviews to this site, and making it a new column. Look for it soon!
As we get going, there will be a lot more people contributing to this site, and they will be credited somehow.
-Tiki God, picture person. He was an old member of the Batman boards, and went on to create, a website devoted to, well, comic covers. He has graciously allowed us free use of the covers from his site. We thank you much, Tiki God!

Batman and all related characters are TM and (C) 2003 DC Comics, and are used here without permission, but without intent of harm or profit. This unofficial site is run by fans who want to bring you the best in Batman news. It is not sponsored, licensed, or approved by DC Comics, AOL-Time Warner, nor any other corporation that can lay claim to the characters.

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