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Day Seven (c. June 20):

--Afternoon (around 3-4 PM): according to Vesper Fairchild, it is 37 hours after the last mild aftershock (assuming it is the one from Robin #53)--Batman and Robin battle Ratcatcher in the subway tunnels underneath Gotham to rescue a dozen commuters trapped when the quake hit--Ratcatcher is outsmarted and locked up in a county jail [Batman #555].

--Azrael informs Oracle that he is returning to Gotham to help Batman [Azrael #46].

--Two-Face and Montoya work together, but she is knocked unconscious--later that night, she saves Two-Face's life from a man with an ax, Batman allows Montoya to watch over Two-Face instead of hauling him in, she keeps Two-Face's coin [Batman Chronicles #16].

Day Eight (c. June 21):

--Dawn: it has been 8 days since the quake, Gotham has been declared a national disaster area--official estimates put the dead at 10,000, but Batman knows it is much, much more [Shadow of the Bat #75].

--Night: Batman has slept for 15 straight hours and is tracking Mr. Freeze who loots diamonds and kills without mercy, Ultimate Clayface emerges from deep within the earth hunting for a little revenge against the man who put him there--Batman struggles, but eventually defeats the two of them [Shadow of the Bat #75].

--Near midnight: Montoya consoles her depressed brother, Benny, and shows him the scarred silver dollar Two-Face let her keep (after she killed the man who was going to kill Two-Face earlier that day) [Batman Chronicles #14].

--Night: Calibax comes to Gotham having escaped from Azrael in the jungles of Mexico City, Azrael and Brian Bryan arrive in Gotham in enough time to hunt down and stop Calibax [Azrael #46].

Day Nine (c. June 22):

--About 9:30 PM: it is 3 days since the last aftershock (but before Nightwing returned to Bludhaven--in Nightwing #21 he returns about a week after the quake)--Batman works to rescue Blackgate escapees who have been trapped in a bank vault for 72 hours [Batman #556].

Week Three (c. June 28-July 2):

--Batman, Nightwing, and Robin team up with Green Arrow to fight the "Brotherhood of the Fist." Also known as Monkeys Kicking Butt Without Guns. (This entry added by bluedevil2002).

--Night (Day 14): it has been two weeks since the quake (according to a man in line for water)--Robin uses Penguin to help a girl name Jayrine find her mother and Gordon is reunited with his wife, Sarah Essen-Gordon (who was cut off in Tricorner since Day One), phone and power is back on, Oracle returns home [Detective Comics #722], meanwhile--a Batman full of pent-in frustration runs the gauntlet (looters, falling cars, deadly glass shards, hungry exotic animals) to save a group of trapped wealthy urbanites (on Day 14) predisposed to cannibalism [Shadow of the Bat #76].

--Day (probably Day 15): taking place after Detective Comics #724, the death toll stands around 1,000,000, Bruce Wayne nixes a memorial statue, and Davenport refuses to clear a way through the rubble of his Center (which has been lying on the ground for two weeks) [Detective Comics #725].

--Night (Day 15): Batman clears a hole through the Davenport Center and later renews his vow to his parents' grave [Detective Comics #725], later, on his way to delivering anti-cholera vaccinations (assuming this is taking place the night after Shadow of the Bat #76) to those trapped in Tricorner, Batman runs into a mad professor who has been trapped in a classroom full of dead students for two weeks and is forced to prove that natural selection exists, and that one's fitness is not determined by luck [Shadow of the Bat #77].

--Night (probably Day 16): it has been a couple of weeks since the first aftershock (based on the decomposition rate of a corpse)--Batman teams with Ballistic in an effort to thwart an evil government agency's drug-dealing plans [Batman #557].

--Night: Huntress teams with the Question to claim the necessary morphine needed to save lives in Tricorner and put an end to a group of corrupt national guardsmen selling morphine on the black market--in the process, a part of her "sees" that she can be saved--Huntress' rage from earlier still blinds her at the beginning of the story, but it is early enough to effect a woman who was saved on Day Two, 27 hours after quake who needs the morphine and long enough for five shipments of the drug to be hijacked by the corrupt guardsmen. [Batman Chronicles #15].

--July 3, about 11 PM: Alfred defends Wayne Manor from looters and, as Gotham withers in the summer heat "weeks" after the quake (meaning about three), Huntress rescues kidnaped children lined up to be a main course dinner [Batman Chronicles #14].

Week Four (c. July 5-July 11):

--Night: Robin and Cluemaster elude some National Guardsmen after each stumble into each other at Spoiler's house (Robin looking for Spoiler's costume, Cluemaster for some cash and a gun)--a day later, Robin (after reuniting with his girlfriend) and putting an end to a quake scam, reveals it has been a "few" weeks since the quake--meaning about three [Robin #54].

--Night: Man-Bat, who had been attracted to Oracle's nest since weeks after the recent quake (due to the weird frequencies exiting the room) protects her from two thugs (earlier, when they mentioned "weeks" they stated two, but now, farther down the line, I interpret it as meaning three to four) [Batman Chronicles #15].

--Narcosis appears in Gotham, gassing people [Shadow of the Bat #78].

--Day, about 5 PM: The big businesses (in a meeting with Bruce Wayne) and thousands of refugees (the "Quick") decide to abandon Gotham--but Wayne and Fox decide to fund 100,000 independent businesses to get Gotham back on its feet, Mad Hatter teams up with Narcosis in a scheme to bring "bliss" to Gotham by gassing its citizens (this story lasted three days) [Shadow of the Bat #78].

--A day later, night: Batman puts an end to their plot before the gas can reach Gotham, but not before Narcosis and the Mad Hatter's men die in an explosion [Shadow of the Bat #79].

Week Five (c. July 12-18)

--Batman and the commuting Nightwing (taking place after Nightwing #25 which is after Robin #54 and #56) tour the cut-off Tricorner, discussing the hopelessness, the mass exoduses, the possibility of Dick becoming a cop, reminiscing about the past and thinking about the future [Detective Comics #725].

--Night (a few days after the events of Batman #558, when the mass leaving is beginning to way heavily on Gordon): the "Quick" are leaving Gotham, the dead city, in droves-- hundreds by the hour--leaving Gordon's forces spread thin--Bullock and Montoya, Batman and Robin must defend a hospital under siege by a roving gang, and the South bridge collapses, killing hundreds [Batman #559].

Week Six (c. July 19-25)

--Spoiler reveals that she's pregnant [Robin #57], Green Lantern comes to Gotham in search for a missing brooch [Batman Chronicles #15].

Week Seven (c. July 26-August 1)

--Batman reveals that Harold has been laying a concrete foundation for the next mansion with soundproof faux stalactites and Robin runs into and manages to defeat Steeljacket [Robin #58-59].

--The events of DC 1,000,000 play out: the Batman of the year 85,271 comes to Gotham to help save the earth from the effects of the Hourman virus--along the way, he, Nightwing, and Robin must stop and capture Firefly from torching the city while the present day Batman must escape from the Pluto of the Year 85,721 with the help of Robin the Toy Wonder and Catwoman [Shadow of the Bat #1,000,000; Nightwing #1,000,000; Batman #1,000,000; Robin #1,000,000; Catwoman #1,000,000; Detective Comics # 1,000,000].

End Aftershock

Road to No Man's Land (coming soon)