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ACTION COMICS #771 (guest starring Nightwing)

The Out of Towner
Dixon, Ferry, Lopez
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

This is obviously a fill-in issue. I mean, Nightwing guest stars in a book written by Nightwing writer Chuck Dixon? Anyway, it's still a good book.

The cover is excellent, and makes me wish that McDaniel was doing the interiors. However, that would mean that he couldn't finish up Ed Brubaker's first arc, so it's okay.

Most Superman fans have complained that this issue was tied into the Nightwing series too much. I disagree. Sure, maybe it did reference Nightwing, but I was able to follow the story, and I don't really read Nightwing.

The two heroes really take this whole situation tongue-in-cheek. They are very calm about the whole thing. In fact, I don't think they even broke a sweat in the fight scene.

Pascual Ferry's art has really improved a lot recently. To me, some of his earlier work looked a bit sketchy, but here it is very clean and smooth. Perhaps it's the inking. His shots of Metropolis really show how futuristic the city has become. Plus, he drew Nightwing and Superman very well.

Overall, not a bad issue. It's a great one-shot, and it's kinda fun. Great art, great writing, great cover.

Grade: A