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Zero Hour tie-in
Moench, Manley, Rubenstein
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Great! Manley's first on the run (the previous being handled by Kelley Jones for the KnightSaga). Batgirl stands facing a startled Nightwing, Batman, Robin, and . . . Barbara Gordon!

Plot - Starts off with Joker running from Batgirl, just like Zero Hour #4. The reader knows exactly where in the crossover this takes place. However, the climax is somewhat confusing. How does Harvey Dent suddenly shift realities? The last page features a cameo by Superman as a lead-in to Superman: Man of Steel #37.

Script - Perfect. The only problem is that on page two, some of the dialouge should have been placed differently on the page.

Art - Excellent. A shame Manley left only a couple issues later. Rubinstein continues to prove himself versatile as an inker.

Crossover - The reader knows exactly where this fits in. Because Zero Hour cannot be put in exact chronological order, I usually store Batman #511 before Man of Steel #37 and Zero Hour #4.

Overall - Great as a one-shot. The first Batman ZH tie-in I bought, I'll never forget it.
(A - 95%)