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The Troika part one
Moench, Jones, Beatty
Reviewed by bluedevil2002

Cover - Batman in the Batcave. I like the all black embossed. I'm not sure if I like Kelley Jones's artwork. But since, it's muted by the black embossing, it doesn't look as bad. If it was fully colored, I'd probably hate it.

Story - Good starting chapter of The Troika. We see Bruce back as Batman, and then he goes straight to work. No time for pussy footing. He's back! However, Robin and Nightwing seem surprised at his attitude. I thought he was acting the same as he has always been.

Art - Why, oh why? Why couldn't they have waited one more issue for Kelley Jones? Jones sucks. He is not meant to draw a regular Batman series. Maybe Elseworlds stuff, but not this. And his exaggerated style doesn't exactly fit in an issue where Bruce is supposed to be returning from getting his back broken. He still looks crippled, and Robin and Nightwing look near death as twisted as their faces are. And the ears! They're too long!

Overall - Story is good, moody beginning to the four part saga. The art tries to match it, but leaves something to be desired. Jones should never have been hired. (IMHO)