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Rucka, Burchett

Issue #1 - reviewed by JYD

Issue #3 - Reviewed by The Angry Batman.

Good issue with Huntress trying to regain her bearings in a remote forest with someone called Richard Dragon, who I would of liked a better explaination of who he is, besides helping out the Question in his time of need. But, this issue seems to be another setting up for later action in this series, so not too many things happen, Robin starts to do research on Huntress and to see if he can clear her name with Oracle reluctant help. Then at the end Huntress is about to tell us her origin, which I guess will be in the next issue. Good art, I wouldn't mind for Rick Burchett to take over a regular book or become involved with another mini series.

Grade: A-

Issue #5 - Reviewed by Mr Batfan

This is possibly Rucka's best batman work this year. I'm really enjoying it and glad to see that the Bats/Huntress relationship may finally be seeing some long time coming change. I just hope it doesn't revert again. Also what an ending, can't wait for the conclusion just hope its not as aniclimatic as Detective #749 was. Also loving Rick's art, simple but very plaesing to the eye.

Grade: B+