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Officer Down

"James Gordon. He's one of the most respected men on the Gotham City Police Force. He's a trusted aide to Batman in the fight for justice. He's also a loving father and all-around good man. But a sudden attack by a foe from his past will leave Gordon at death's door . . .

"Three shots in the back. Officer Down.

"The story came out of last year's Bat-Summit, which I wasn't involved in, but they gave the basic idea to me and Greg Rucka to hammer out into an overall plot for the seven issues," Ed Brubaker, one of the event's main writers, said.

"We turned it into a hard-boiled mystery and crime drama, and it deals with a lot of nasty things, like broken loyalties, corruption, and changes a lot of the status quo in Gotham. My actual issue is the second part, which concerns the events directly after the shooting, the investigation of the scene, the introduction of the new acting Commissioner, etc. It was a fun issue to write. This project is going to really blow people away, I think. I just hope we don't piss too many people off."

Batman #587Batman #587
Written by Greg Rucka; art by Rick Burchett and Rodney Ramos; painted cover by Durwin Talon.

Part 1 of the "Officer Down" storyline. As James Gordon contemplates his many years on the police force, a sinister threat looms nearby. The unsuspecting Gordon leaves a bar and is shot in the back, with Catwoman watching. After a violent attack, things in Gotham never will be the same again.

Batgirl #12Batgirl #12
Written by Chuck Dixon; art by Dale Eaglesham and Andrew Hennessy; cover by Damion Scott and Robert Campanella.

An "Officer Down" tie-in! Batgirl learns that Commissioner Gordon has been shot, and sets out in search of Batman - but the Dark Knight is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, there's a villain who has mistaken Batgirl for Catwoman. Confused? So is Batgirl. Where is everybody?

Robin #86Robin #86
Written by Ed Brubaker; art by the Pander Bros.; painted cover by Durwin Talon.

"Officer Down," Part 2. James Gordon lies at death's door, and the immediate suspect is Catwoman. And while a citywide manhunt begins for the feline felon, Batman takes the news of Gordon's situation hard. Prepare yourself for Batman like you've never seen him before.

Birds of Prey #27Birds of Prey #27
Written by Chuck Dixon, art by N. Steven Harris and John Nyberg, painted cover by Durwin Talon.

"Officer Down," Part 3. While her father clings to life, Oracle gathers Batman's allies: Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, and Batgirl. Their mission: capture Catwoman before the police find her. But the search for Catwoman leads them into an unexpected trap.

Catwoman #90Catwoman #90
Written by Bronwyn Carlton, art by Mike Lilly and Wayne Faucher, painted cover by Durwin Talon.

"Officer Down," Part 4. The hunt for Catwoman reaches its climactic conclusion, but finding Catwoman and capturing her are two very different things. And it may be that Catwoman has information that will change everything the heroes know about the case -- and dramatically reduce their options for achieving justice.

Nightwing #53Nightwing #53
Written by Devin Grayson, art by Rick Burchett and Rodney Ramos; painted cover by Durwin Talon.

"Officer Down," Part 5. Oracle and Nightwing take the investigation into a new direction, but finding the answers may unleash in these heroes a darker aspect of themselves then they've ever faced before. When the truth behind Gordon's assailant is revealed, Oracle ponders taking justice into her own hands. Meanwhile Alfred has a fateful confrontation with Batman which could tear their relationship to shreds.

Detective Comics #754Detective Comics #754
Written by Nunzio DeFilippis, art by Michael Collins and Jesse Delperdang, painted cover by Durwin Talon.
Backup: The Jacobian, part nine by Jordan Gorfinkle and Jeff Johnson.

"Officer Down," Part 6. The GCPD at last finds the person they're looking for, but time is against them, and not even Batman can bring the would-be killer to justice. As the clock ticks towards zero, several characters make decisions that will change their lives forever.

Gotham Knights #13Batman: Gotham Knights #13
Written by Greg Rucka, art by Rick Burchett and Rodney Ramos; painted cover by Durwin Talon.
Backup: Funny Money by Harlan Ellison and Gene Ha.

The not-to-be-missed conclusion to "Officer Down!" James Gordon faces his final destiny and Batman must accept the possibility of the loss of a valued comrade, and a life which never will be quite the same.

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