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Devil's Ranting #1
by bluedevil2002

Casting the Perfect Batman Movie

Welcome to my new column here. I can't keep a regular schedule, so I won't suggest one. Each time I write, I'll usually be ranting, thus the name. I will be expressing my opinions, and you are more than welcome to disagree. Most of the time it will be related to either Batman or comics in general. This is just someplace that I need to get things out of my system, and step up on my soapbox.

There will be a broad range of topics, but today, I'll settle on casting movies. Admit it, if you're a Batman fan, you've probably imagined what a Batman movie would be like if you were in control. Here is where I make my picks for both a Year One flick, and a film based on modern continuity.

This idea originated while I was watching Batman and Robin on CBS. I realized that there were several characters that I thought would work much better in some roles. These are in no particular order, except maybe the order that I thought of them.

I'm just matching characters with actors, and don't expect to see all of them in a film.

Batman/Bruce Wayne (Year One) - David Boreanaz (Angel). This name has been tossed around for years as a potential Batman candidate. Dark and brooding is what he's known for. Plus, even writer Ed Brubaker has said that he envisions Batman looking something like Angel if he didn't wear the costume.

Nightwing/Dick Grayson - I know I already cast him as Year One Batman, but I would love to see David Boreanaz try his hand at the original boy wonder, all grown up. He has shown that he can play dark and brooding, as well as light-hearted, often at the same time. Just look at the last few episodes of the second season of Angel, and most of the third. This mix of light and heavy is perfect for the guy who was trained by the Dark Knight, but is no longer directly under his shadow. Angel's little fit of rage directed at long time partner Wesley near the end of season three is very close to how Dick felt and acted in regards to Bruce in Batman #600. In addition, Nightwing now is about the age that Batman was when he started.

Batman/Bruce Wayne (current) - If they don't have Nightwing in the movie, David Boreanaz is old enough to be the current Batman too. Otherwise, I have no clue.

Commissioner James Gordon - Gordon needs to be tough. He needs to be active. He needs to be on top of things. Craig T. Nelson plays a character exactly like this on The District. Add a mustache, and you have a great Gordon. Heck, you might not even need a mustache.

Alfred Pennyworth - The faithful servant needs to be old (but not too old), have a mustache, be British, dutiful, but still have an air of mischief about him. Kinda like the original 007, Sean Connery. Come on, wouldn't this be cool? The original Bond playing in a Batman film! (Although part of me would like to see someone who actually looks like the comic book Alfred, the thought of Sean Connery in a Batman film is too overpowering!)

Vicki Vale - Bruce needs a love interest in the movie, if nothing else than to actually show him out of costume for more than 10 minutes. Now, almost anyone could play this part. But, it'd be nice if she were young and good looking. Charisma Carpenter fits this role. And, she and Boreanaz have already shown some romantic tension on Angel.

Joker - Robin Williams. He's funny, and he can be crazy. Actually, I got this idea from a guy in a comic shop. What sticks out in my mind is when he mentioned how hairy Robin Williams is. He said it would be interesting/disgusting to see Joker change shirts or something, and have all of this green body hair. Well, it would make for an unforgettable visual. Plus, wouldn't it be ironic to have the guy playing Batman's arch-enemy with the same name as his partner?

Batgirl/Oracle/Barbara Gordon - While watching Batman and Robin, I noticed something. Batgirl was wearing tight leather pants. Similar to Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah is known for kicking butt, plus she's already worked with David Boreanaz, and would be comfortable in the role beside him. She has the toughness needed, but can also show the softer side, which will be useful when she's sharing the screen with Nightwing. If she's playing Oracle, there better be lots of flashbacks.

Batgirl/Cassie Cain - If the movie was based on current continuity, then Batgirl would be Cassandra Cain, and Barbara Gordon would be Oracle. To play the silent but deadly pseudo-sidekick to the Dark Knight, I would choose the Dark Angel, Jessica Alba. She's got the look, and the attitude, and could pull the role off with ease.

Mr. Freeze - Patrick Stewart. When I think of him, I think of sophisticated roles, and I think that Mr. Freeze should be portrayed in a similiar fashion. I'm sorry, but while it was somewhat funny to hear him utter some of the one-liners, it was completely out of character. (Not to mention some of those one-liners were down right corny.) Mr. Stewart also has an accent, which would match Freeze, unlike Arnold's.

Poison Ivy - While Uma Thurman looked great, she reminded me of Julia Roberts a few times. And, I think I'd rather see Julia
Bane - We want to see someone big, but somewhat intellegent. The Rock is one of the few wrestlers who actually appears to be sensible.

Scarecrow - Jeff Goldblum is great in these psychological roles. Plus, his unique talking pattern would mesh well with the character.

This is all I can think of right now. I don't know when I'll have this list done. It might be in the next column, it might be ten columns away.

Come back next time. Same Bat-column, same Bat-fansite.

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